Futurgasm takes place several rand() years in the future in the Milky Way galaxy.


There are several organizations who are currently important.

The Homo Empire

The Homo empire consists of Homo Sapien, Homo Technus, Homo Reptilian and the natives of their acquired planets. It is ruled over by an enigmatic emperor that hasn’t been seen in the last 42 years

Democratic Insurrection of Colonists and Servents (DICS)

DICS hate the Homo empire and their imperial tendencies. DICS consists of two groups, detailed below.

The Association of Sentient Servants (TAOSS)

TAOSS is an association of servants/slaves and those who support them. TAOSS is most concerned with changing the definition of sentiency to include those low sentients that are currently enslaved.

United Natives (UNs)

The UNs is most interested with UN HOMOing the galaxy. They are fed up with being forced to join the empire as soon as their planets were discovered.

System modifications

see here


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