Homo Technus

Homo Technus are cyborgs. Their implants differ and change their strengths and weaknesses.

All are hardwired to allow cybernetic implants and begin with one cybernetic implant.

Cyborgs add a +2 bonus to Toughness to reflect the inherent strength of their artificial bodies.
Other characters find cyborgs, with their visibly altered and metallic bodies, unsettling; all cyborgs suffer a -2 penalty to Charisma, effectively gaining the “Ugly” hindrance. If a character already has the Ugly hindrance, the cyborg and Ugly penalties stack for a total of -4 to Charisma.

Cyborgs often take damage to their artificial systems, rather than wounds to their bodies. By default, second and third wounds that a cyborg wild card receives are “mechanical,” meaning that they cannot be healed except with a Repair check. This means that at least two of a wild card’s five wound levels (counting “Shaken” as a sort of wound) involve his artificial body.

Cyborgs suffer the weaknesses of both their biology and their machinery—in addition to their biological vulnerability to poisons and disease, cyborgs suffer damage from specialized weapons, such as electromagnetic pulse weapons, that normally only affect robots and equipment.

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Homo Technus

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